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Influencer marketing

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1-3 Influencers
Several single influencers who taken shots in any location that remarkably represents the brand image and creates engagement.

Scenery Set/Event
5-10 Influencers will bring your collection to life in a beautiful and chic venue, associate with positive experiences.

  • Transparency is important to us, especially when it comes to cancellations. When it comes to cancellations, we want to be upfront and transparent. Our policy states that refunds unfortunately won't be possible in the case of a cancellation. However, we're fully dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved in your campaign and providing you with our unwavering support. So let's keep communication open throughout this process. 😊


    Based on the current campaign stage, we'd like to extend a gesture of goodwill by offering you a 50% voucher of your total investment, if possible. This way, we hope to strike a balance that benefits both parties. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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