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PR Agency
Influencer events and press coverage

Blanc Page evolved from the in-house magazine which aims to enhance people’s lifestyle to a PR agency which supports brands and designers in times where there is greater competitors than ever. Created with a new take and fresh eyes, our endeavour is to increase the visibility of brands through hands-on experience and relationship in the fashion and media industry. In doing so, exploring new brands becomes an enriching experience for the public audience. 

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Our Marketing Services

Our marketing services are tailored to make the result as effective as possible. They are designed to be carried out as a unified campaign. If you have already started internal marketing activities, individual services can be linked to them for greater results.

PR & Advertising

Here is where we give your brand more personality through entertaining articles – from interviews to reviews.

Product and location promotion at one of our events, including blog posts. This is pure interaction on a trusting level.

Well-timed stories and posts. In addition, sponsored ads. Audience engagement is always guaranteed.

Our editorial pieces are produced by top photographers and journalists. In addition to your editorial, we run social media and influencer campaigns so that the targeted audience can connect with your brand on a more personal level.


Here we create a topic-related article that is produced together with a journalist. Additionally, an audience survey to convey the public's true opinion and emotions towards your brand and gives the article more dynamic.

With You

This interview is about you and the story of your brand. The main purpose is to entertain the audience with aspects of your brand identity, with which they can relate to.

In-House Magazine

We love magazines so much that we even launched our own magazine covering positive stories about fashion and lifestyle. What's fabulous is that each layout and font design is individually created to reflect the CI of a brand and delight every reader with unexpected pages.

Media Partners

Through our cooperation with media, theads are seen on online magazines that are leading within
their region and niche e.g. interior design or fashion for work. This ensures that your message reaches the right audience even more targeted.

Main criteria

 Geographic and Demographic

- - - Media that partially or similarly meet the criteria and continue to be eligible.

How we select partners

Based on your existing customers and the intentions of your campaign, we then select suitable partners.

They say "if people don't know about you, you don't exist" no matter if the quality of your product is affordable or high-end. Press coverage done well can be a powerful channel to establish credibility and increase brand exposure to your target audience. Our campaigns provide your target audience with an entertaining experience and get them to take action.


Tailored to Your

Location and Segment

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Connect With US

Unified Campaign

These packages are adapted to our marketing services - events and press coverage. They will be adjusted a little more precisely based on your current situation and goals.

Starter PR Booster 

Great for a new collection

Designed to establish a more personal connection with you brand personality and to kickstart your PR journey.

  • Interview with you

  • 2 influencers for marketing

  • Promotion on events

  • Photographer

Full-Scale PR Power

Als on a monthly basis due to ROI

The campaign is designed to establish your brand as an industry leader through influential partnerships.

  • Interview with an influencer

  • Scenery set with 5 influencers

  • Public opinion

  • Presented on 2 SM platform

  • Monthly strategy and consultation meeting.


segment orientation

It's Going Viral 

The events we host are lively and welcoming and take place in a beautiful and chic venue – café, cocktail bar, lobby, etc. The perfect environment to place your product at ease and be associate with positive experience.

How we collaborate with partners

The task and the requirements are clearly described in the agreement with the influencer. The photographer may also receive a script for directing the action in the scenery. When making the selection, the focus is on how authenticity is covered in both, online and IRL environment.

How we select partners

We use the following clear defined criteria to select influencers and content creators who get your brand's message across social media and at events.

This enables to establish a more personal connection with the audience 
both, online and face to face.

Here is where we bring your brand to life. 

We build effective relationships between brands and creators who create fresh and engaging content, reaching thousands of highly interactive audience on Instagram. 

Workshop Events | Social Media Promotion 

Individual Infl.

Several single influencers who taken shots in any location that remarkably poses the brand image and creates engagement.

Event & Set

Bring your products to life in a beautiful and chic venue where they are associate with positive experiences.


Main criteria

 Audience and segment

 Reach and engagement rate

 Offline network end environment

 Overall image

Product promotion campaign event.
Product promotion campaign event.


Making People

Talk About Your Brand

Our PR and Media strategy not only builds your reputation and
manifest your credibility, but it delivers a lasting impact that set's the stage for future sales opportunities and partner relationships.

Your Marketing Activity Orders

Influencer Marketing

1-3 Influencers
Several single influencers who taken shots in any location that remarkably represents the brand image and creates engagement.

Scenery Set/Event
5-10 Influencers will bring your collection to life in a beautiful and chic venue, associate with positive experiences.

Interview with the founder

From reports, mentions, to interviews about you and the story of your brand. The main purpose is to entertain the audience with aspects of your brand identity.


A dynamic article that includes and interview with an influencer or anexpert in the industry. The article may include public opinion and emotions towards your brand.

Prices &  Services,

with great effectiveness.